The College of Fashion and Design | Colombo, Sri Lanka

We at the CFD are constantly striving to build on creative communication awareness along with evolving knowledge sharing. In keeping with this, Mr. Ajai Vir Singh, Managing Director and Founder of CFD conducted an enlightening interactive session highlighting areas of ‘Circularity in Design’, ‘Sustainable Design’ – walking the talk in true sustainability, and career building along a sustainable globally responsible pathway.

Mr. Ajai Vir Singh drew on his in-depth knowledge in the broad evolving creative fields, being the founder of CFW (Colombo Fashion Week) the benchmarking highly successful fashion platform that has changed the fashion industry trajectory in the Asian region, and who also is a director of the Commonwealth Fashion Council UK, and founder of the sustainable apparel/accessory brands ‘Pigeon Island’ and ‘Arugam Bay’ as well.

The gathered audience had their questions regarding sustainable creativity and career pathways answered, and this was the first of the planned monthly interactive ‘Creative Design Capsules’ to be held for 2024, which would include guest speakers from the varied creative disciplines including Interior Design, Graphic Design/Visual Communication and Film making as well”.