The College of Fashion and Design | Colombo, Sri Lanka


A 3-year course that aims to train creative designers with the necessary theoretical and practical background knowledge to design visual communication projects in the fields of multimedia, interactive communication and hypermedia; with a sound command of leading tools and methods of application benchmarked against top tier industry professionals across the world.

Mr. Akash Sunethkumara
Graphic Design, Multimedia Design Lecturer

An international award-winning filmmaker with 7 IMDb-listed independent short films; and an experienced visual creator in numerous practices along with lecturing. With industry-led project collaborations locally and in the US, Akash is dedicated to knowledge-sharing with future creative professionals.


Application Fee – LKR 5,000.00

Enrolment Fee – LKR 50,000.00

Payment Options

 FULL FEE   10% Discount ( CFD Fee ) – LKR 1,458,000.00 ( LKR 162,000.00 )

ANNUALLY   5% Discount ( CFD Fee ) – LKR 1,539,000.00 ( LKR 81,000.00 )

SEMESTER – LKR 240,000.00 x 2  |  LKR 270,000.00 x 2  |  LKR 300,000.00 x 2