The College of Fashion and Design | Colombo, Sri Lanka


A 3- year course that aims to educate you on how to both create and operate a fashion line by means of a comprehensive study plan curated to train highly qualified professionals with creative and technical skills, styling and pattern making, photoshoots, launching & managing a business, understanding the fashion market, managing fashion events and how to handle clients.

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A not-for-profit Commonwealth-organization occupying a unique space for inclusive global fashion development, linking the 56 fashion industries of the Commonwealth.

Ms. Dinesh Chandrasena
Academic Director, Fashion Design: Program Lead

Bringing 25+ years industry experience in the US, EU and Sri Lanka, combined with over 15 years of Educational expertise, Dinesh leads the academic programs with the processes of academic and creative development from a global perspective. Being a part of the everchanging multi-inclusive creative plains and the varied cross fertilization of thought brings to the students the knowledge empowerment required for creating industry leaders.



Application Fee  –  LKR 5,000.00

Enrolment Fee  –  LKR 50,000.00

Payment Options

FULL FEE – 10% Discount ( CFD Fee ) – LKR 2,160,000.00 ( LKR 240,000.00 )

ANNUALLY – 5% Discount ( CFD Fee ) – LKR 2,280,000.00 ( LKR 120,000.00 )